A Non Profit Club with a Mission to Promote Education & Safety using ORV's in lake County,Mi.

Where Can I Ride?
These are the four trail systems within Lake County, Michigan where it is legal to ride. Currently, you must trailer your ORV's to the appropriate staging area (Shown on Maps) to access the trail or use an ORV Approved Lake County Road .
Lincoln Hills (21 miles) This is an intermediate trail system. There is a single track for bikes and 96" wide trail for ORV's.

Little Manistee (46 Miles) This is a beginner to intermediate trail system. There is a single track for bikes and a 96" trail for ORV's.
Little O (41 Miles) This trail system is an intermediate 50" single track (Mixed) for bikes and ATV's. Watch for tight turns on the Little O.

Tin Cup  (21.3 Miles) This an intermediate to expert 35" single track for bikes and a 96" all sport trail for ORV's. The base is primarily sand with good hills to climb.

Approved Lake County Roads - click on the 2013 Ordinance & Map tab for Approved Roads. It also includes the county ordinance.

Ride Responsibly!
Protect our Natural

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